I got a chance to go back and watch a play at my old high school this weekend.  Now I have been in college for two years, but I always come and watch the fall play and the spring musical.  I spent many years in the drama department, first as an actor and then quickly became a the stage manager and by senior year the president of the drama department.  It’s always fun to come back and watch the shows and see some of the kids that I worked with when they first started out.  On of my best friends gave his final performance the other day, and did a terrific job.  The play was Brigadoon.  Now I could say I knew at least half the cast, which was great.  They show was awesome, and I was very proud.

Afterwards I got a chance to hang out with a lot of the drama alumni.  We all had good and bad memories of drama, but loved it for the most part.  Drama was like a second family for all of us, and I mean FAMILY.  We spent day in and day out with each other, no matter whether you were an actor, techie, or Set Krew memeber ( and yes we spell Krew with a K and not a C).  I think as alumni we miss drama, but we miss the times we were in it, I don’t think we would want to go back now because somethings have changed and we miss our moments.  Sometimes I think a lot of people miss things about high school, but I don’t think they would ever want to go back now.  We miss the memories, but we all keep them in our hearts and minds and share them with others.

So to the kids in drama now, good job Northwestern Drama, I’m so proud of you all.  Keep up the good work!  And to my fellow alumni, don’t forget that the good times out way the bad times any time.  We had fun, lets keep sharing our memories and make them last a lifetime!


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