American History X

Another day, another movie review…what can I saw, I love movies.  Anways, I viewed another film with Edward Norton, this guy is unbelievable in what he can do.  The name of the film, American History X.

Edward Norton received an Academy Award nomination in for his role as Derek Vinyard.  This films uses flashbacks to tell the story of how Derek goes from being a racist of all races, to his change to become what he feels right.  Derek spends three years in prison for murdering two black men.  Now while Derek is in prison Danny (Edward Furlong), Derek’s younger brother, has been following in his brothers footsteps in the violent hatred of all races.  Derek must help Danny turn his life around, so he doesn’t one day make the same mistakes as him. 

This film really captures hatred among racist people.  It goes to the root of racism and also shows have it can affect a whole family.  The film was written by David McKenna and directed by Tony Kaye.  This film was released in 1998 and is rated R: for strong language and violence, sexual content, and rape.  Pay close attention to this one, because it grabbed a hold of me just like the film Crash, if you have seen Crash then you know what I am talking about.      


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  1. Jordan

    You should blog about the Indiana Jones trilogy, leading up to the 4th installment.

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