Can we see it again?

I wanted to talk a little bit about whether or not instant replays should be allowed in baseball.  This has been quite a topic over the the last few years.  Some close calls can be made in baseball and sometimes it would be nice for a closer look by the umpires, not just by the audience.  Some say baseball is long enough as is, but others would argue that instant replay would be the only was to make a fair, accurate call.

I have to to mention Lou Piniella, the Cubs’ manager, doesn’t believe that instant replay is needed.  Lou had mentioned that baseball has gone without it all these years, there is not need to add it now.  Most of the time the umpires get it right, because after you get a few different looks from several differnet angles, you can normally see the umpire was right. 

Although if instant replay was added a way to move it along would be to designate one umpire to watch the instant replay and it would be his final decision, and not allow all the other umpires to watch it.  I’m sure this would cause problems with a manager or two allowing the fate in one umpire’s hands. 

As of now, instant replays are out.  Made one day we’ll see a change made to baseball, and maybe we won’t.  Until then, if you want to see the play again, the broadcasters will be sure to play it a few times for you to decide…even though your input really won’t matter!


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  1. Jordan

    Do you not read your comments? I should get a shout out as a person who reads and comments on your blogs!

    Anyway, I’ve wrestled with the instant replay thing the last few years, especially when the White Sux were playing the Angels in the playoffs a few years ago. Anyway, I’m not sure what should happen. Over the course of the 162 games, I’m sure umps are right most of the time. If we just bring it in for home run/foul ball calls, could it eventually lead to a more standardized strike zone, taking out the human element? I’d certainly hope not. I think that’s why they are being so careful in considering replay.

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