The Hardest Part

So I thought for the next few post or so I might get myself ready for the new Coldplay album.  So I thought I would relive so of the past Coldplay songs and videos.  This song is from their third album XY.  Lead singer Chris Martin once stated that, “Bad song, great video.  I do love the song myself and it was a single off the album  The video is different from their past videos.  This is a video of an 80 some year old lady dancing with this younger guy, the video is taken from the 80’s, which I love the 80’s!  Then Coldplay was added off to the side performing “The Hardest Part.”




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  1. jjmckinley

    Dude, if you’re going to write about Coldplay (again), you should at least mention that statistically speaking, “The Scientist” is everyone’s favorite Coldplay song. Oh, and that video was really weird.

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