Cubs Update

The Chicago Cubs are leading the National League Central over the St. Louis Cardinals by 2.5 games.  All the other teams are at least 6 or more games back.  The Cubs are currently have a great run at home, so they are definitely feeling comfortable at the friendly confinds of Wrigley Field.  Their road games have not been the greatest, but their hanging in there.  The next three days the Cubs are playing against the Atlanta Braves before beginning interleague play.  On Thursday, the last game against the Braves, the Cub’s will be playing a throw back game.  The Cubs will be wearing 1948 uniforms as will the Braves.  All the fans at the game are encouraged to weart 1940’s attire as well.  The throw back game is to celebrate 60 years of Cubs on WGN.  Now I wanted to talk about a few players briefly.

Ted Lilly

Ted Lilly is the third starting pitcher in the Cubs’ rotation.  He is 5 and 5 in the season, after starting off with a shaky start.  Lilly has been in the groove lately and has been doing quite well.  He has surpassed his all time strike out record in a game this season, going into the double digits.  He has a unique batting stroke, but he has batting average is in the .200’s.  When it comes to pitching his only struggle right now is giving up home runs.  Ted Lilly is working hard and is doing well in his spot in the rotation.

Mark DeRosa

Another player that has his up’s and down’s and more down’s then up’s is Mark DeRosa.  He plays second base for the Cubs.  DeRosa is a second baseman, but has played all over the field this season because or other team mates injuries and such.  He’s back at second base and his batting average is great.  He struggled on the road early on, but recently had a great hitting streak on the road.  He enjoys his time on the field and his time with the Chicago Cubs.  I have been able to keep up with DeRosa via his MLB blog, which you can check out on my blog roll to the side.  His blog is called The Pulse. 

The last Cub I wanted to discuss is Kerry Wood.  This guy went from once being in the starting rotation and having a record of 20 strikeouts in one game and then going through several injuries.  People question is Wood would every pitch again after his injuries, but he is back and doing quite well.  He has adjusted to his new job as the Cubs’ closer.  He has 18 saves out of 22, which is a little over 80%.  He leads the national league in saves.  He has a great, fast heater and a wicked slider.  Wood has proved himself so far in the closer spot, and I’m hoping this can be a new spot for him for quite some time.  He has been a Cub since he joined the majors in the late 90’s and I would love for him to stay there.  He is my favorite Cub and I hope to talk about him again in future blogs.


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