Chicago Cubs V. Atlanta (Boston) Braves Throwback Game (1948) June 12, 2008

The Chicago Cubs had their first throwback game ever at Wrigley field this afternoon.  The team wore jerseys from the 1948 season, because the  1948 season marks the first year that Cubs’ games began brodcasting on WGN.  Now it is 2008 and that marks 60 years of Cubs on WGN.  The game was actually aired in black and white at the beginning and many fans came dressed wearing 1940’s attire, especially the WGN Cubs broadcasters Len Kasper and Bob Brenley.  Andy Pafco from the 1948 Cubs sang the 7th inning stretch and joined Len and Bob in the booth during the bottom of the 7th.

So the Cubs went on to play in their 1948 uniforms and the Atlanta Braves joined in too.  In 1948 the Braves were the Boston Braves, therefore they wore their Boston Braves uniforms.  The pitching matchup was extraordinay one, with two Cubs ace Carlos Zambrano against the Braves’ Hudson.  The Braves took the lead early after getting a two run home run in the second.  The Cubs finally came back to score a run towards the middle of the game narrowing the score 2 to 1.   

Carlos Zambrano

The Cubs came back in the 9th inning after new Cub, Jum Edmonds, came back to hit a game tieing home run.  This allowed the Cubs another chance to pull off a win and continue a winning streak at home.  The Cubs Pull Pen kept the Cubbies alive after Carlos Zambrano was taken out of the game starting part of the 8th.  Scott Eyre, Carlos Marmol, Cotts, and Kerry Wood would come out of the pull pen to pitch the rest of the innings.  At the bottom of the 11th the Cubs rallied back against the braves because the Cubs had the bases loaded with no outs.  The Braves made a pitching change and the first pitch struck the batter, Reed Johnson, allowing a walk in run by Aramis Ramirez and the Cubs would win the game 3 to 2.

Aramis Ramirez It was a great victory for the Cubs!  So many players got the chance to play the game today, even the bench guys got a shot!  It was a nice tribute to the history of the Cubs.  Throughout the broadcast many clips were shown through the years of Cubs history on WGN.  As Len Kasper said, “Heres to another 60 years!”



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