I’m Not There

I\'m Not ThereI’m Not There is a 2007 biographical film directed by Todd Haynes and inspired by the life of iconic singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.  I actually saw this film when it was released, I had to travel it Indianapolis to see it because of the limited release.  I have become a huge Bob Dylan fan within the last 3 or 4 years now.  The film tells its story using non-traditional techniques, similar to the poetic narrative style of Dylan’s songwriting

The film takes it’s name from Dylan’s outtake I’m Not There, a song not officially released until the film’s official soundtrack.  Todd Haynes directed the film and also co-wrote with Oren Moverman.  The film is rated R for language, some sexuality and drug use, and nudity.

6 different actors play personas of Dylan, each carrying a different name.  The personas mark a different point in Dylan’s life, either right from himself, his songs, or his poetry.

Christian Bale as Jack Rollins and Pastor John, two versions of Dylan
Cate Blanchett as Jude Quinn, a version of Dylan
Marcus Carl Franklin as “Wood Guthrie,” a version of the young Dylan
Richard Gere as “Billy the Kid,” a version of Dylan
Heath Ledger as Robbie Clark, an actor playing Jack Rollins whole life has similarities with Dylan’s 
Ben Whishaw as “Arthur Rimbaud,” a version of Dylan

The film also was accompanied by so many co-actors and actresses that contributed amazing performances along with the six main characters.

The film received postive reviews and made many Top Ten List of 2007.  Cate Blanchett’s performance was praised by many critics.   She received a Golden Globe Award, and was nominated for a Screen Actor’s Award and and Academy Award.  The film has been released on as a 2-Disc DVD with several extras.  One segment is a small tribute to actor Heath Ledger who passed away in early 2008.

The music in the film consisted of Dylan’s songs with him singing and several covers that made the 2 disc soundtrack.  The soundtrack is as extraordinary as the film itself, even with the offcial release of Dylan’s I’m Not There outtake.  I feel this film is a must for any Bob Dylan fan.  I suggest if you do not know much about Dylan and his many lives that you brush up on his background and listen to his wonderful songs and read some of his poetic works. 




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