I guess I just feel like rambling for a little while so that’s what I’m going to do…

Don’t think to much into the title of this one.  I just selected it because that was the time I began typing this one.  Have you ever heard the saying, “it’s 11:11 make a wish!”  I always think that every time I see the clock and it reads that.  Funny thing is I rarely ever miss the clock saying 11:11, especially the pm edition of it.  I never try to look at the clock at that time, it just happens!

I haven’t been up to much lately.  I want to say just surviving but that’s not really any fun.  I am enjoying the summer, but it goes way to fast.  I have a feeling I have blown a lot of it out of the water already.  I work 5 days a week from 6:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. and I just don’t ever feel like going out and doing anything Sunday thru Thursday.  Sunday is my day to just relax, I like to refer to it as sit around in your boxers day and watch baseball and maybe a movie.  The rest of the week I’m just tired and I know if I go out and stay out too late I will deeply regret it the next morning.  This will hopefully change soon.  I think I want to start doing things during the week since I’m moving away in a month or so.  There are a lot of people I won’t see quite as often and that really sucks!  So I need to make the best of it.  I just wish everything wasn’t so dang exspensive!  Gas is crazy, so that shuts down making any kind of small trips. 

It seems like there is so much to prepare for in the next month or so.  Getting all the crap I need for that last few years of college at BSU.  It’s funny, I haven’t even been there yet and I know college will be over before I know it.  I will miss IUK, it was a lot of fun and I wouldn’t leave if I could do my major right there but I can’t.  I guess I javen’t been in the mood to get ready for school, but eventually I will. 

“Straight Lines” by Silverchair


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