My New Home

I have officially move to Muncie, Indiana now!  I kind of worried a little about getting everything loaded and getting it here, but ran smoothly.  My mom, my Uncle, and myself got to the apartment complex about 15 minutes before they opened.  I had to check in and get all my keys and passes and then I was on my way.  The sucky thing about moving everything in was the fact that I live on the third floor.  We were tired after carrying everything up, but we got it done.  The third floor will be nice though, less noise! 

After we got everything all the boxes emptied then my mom, uncle, and myself went to Walmart and got some stuff for the apartment that was still needed.  We brought all that stuff back and then we hit up Skyline Chile, which is like the #1 place to eat in Muncie, well it is in my book anyways!  They ended up getting my mom’s and uncle’s wrapps wrong so they game two coupons for free Cheese Connies!  So they gave them to me and I definitely plan to hit up Skyline several more times in my stay in Muncie! 

Then it was time for mom to leave.  So we had our goodbye hug and she was off.  I had to finish unpacking everything and I believe the kitchen is almost complete.  I’m pretty tired, I probably will be in bed early tonight!  Hope I sleep well, it’s not like home but I think it will do!


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