An Interesting Evening

So living in this apartment here in Muncie is quite interesting.  The first night wasn’t so bad, I mean I knew coming into this there would be noise and all this good stuff.  The only thing I thought was annoying was the fact that someone pushed there car lock key like 6 or 7 times within three minutes of each other but they finally stopped.  The bed wasn’t the most comfortable either, but I got use to it.

Anyways I must get on to last night, the second night in the apartment.  Cassie ended up making dinner, spaghetti, garlic bread, and cheese sticks.  After dinner I made Margaritas and we turned on the music turned off the AC and went out and sat on the balcony.  Of course I periodically would come in to check the score of the Cubs game, but unfortunately they lost…it’s ok we won like 9 in a row.  We all sat around talking about going to bed but then all of a sudden I could hear sirens.  I went to check it out and a fire truck goes by our apartment.  A few minutes later a police car goes by, then another firetruck, and then another police car.  We can see people outside one of the buildings so we decide to go check it out.  A building that was 2 buildings behind us in the complex had a bunch of people outside and you could hear the smoke alarm.  We could see fire fighters on one of the balconies and they were in the door that leads to the AC units.  Not sure, bu we figured one of the units must of got hot or something.  No fire from what we could see anyways.  We found that it was quite interestingthough and a little uneasy.  Funny thing, our smoke alarm had gone off when Cassie was making dinner and it didn’t get smoky in there either, so we just fanned a bookby the smoke detector and it stopped.  We have concluded though that it gets very worm for some reason by that some detector.  We’ll have to remember that when we cook.

My computer also has been acting very strange on the University Estates Internet.  Last night it came up with a blue screen with all these words and said it was crashing and the computer was saving all files.  It restarted itself and it was fine.  It seems like my computer just isn’t the same on this network, but my windows says my computer is running normal.  I’ll just keep a close eye on it.


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