So I had a birthday the other day and I turned the big 22.  I have come to grips that as you get older, especially after your 21st your birthday just begins to feel like just another day.  I like to joke around that I’m getting old and actually I am compared to all my friends.  I am the oldest of all my sets of friends, but that’ ok I guess.  I didn’t do a whole lot:  did some running around in the morning, had lunch with a friend, and then dinner with some family.  I got money and I ended up buying a digital camera, pretty sweet!  I thought I needed one since I’m living in Muncie now. 

I  came back to Kokomo this week for my birthday and to hang out with some people.  I have done that, I have been out doing something every night.  I went over to my friend Jon’s house on Monday and watched Saw.  I have never seen any of these movies and I really wanted to.  Then Tuesday was my birthday and I already wrote about it.  Wednesday I went over to Jon’s house again and watched Saw 2, 3, and 4.  I am now a Saw fan and can’t wait to see the new one in October.  I need to get these films and add them to my DVD collection!  Tonight I am going to hang out with my friends Adam and Patrick and we’re going to go see Tropic Thunder.  Then tomorrow afternoon I’m going to go see Star Wars Clone Wars with my friend Michael.  Then that evening I’m going to go hang with my little cousin for a bit.  Saturday I intend to do get my oil changed, do laundry, and then go to a family party, and then back to Muncie.  Classes start Monday, so their just around the corner. 

Another birthday comes, and life continues on…


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