Let’s see it again…instant replay!

It has been officially annouced that instant replay is coming to baseball.  It starts tomorrow afternoon during the first three baseball games.  The Cubs V. the Phillies will be one of those afternoon games.  I’m still on the fence about this one.  But I will tell you what I do know.  The instant replay is set up in all the parks, and the only thing that can be challenged is homerun calls.  So whether or not a ball has clearly surpassed the fence or if it counts as a double.  I’ll come in with a Cubs stand point because that is the team I watch, but Lou Piniella was talking about how it works, meaning does he throw out a red flag like in the NFL or what.  A single person will make the call after watching the footage, either a designated umpire or somebody from MLB.  They say this will take up the same amount of time as the manager coming out and argueing, so in other words it shouldn’t make the game any longer.  Well we”ll see how this goes, I’m just worred that one day it might come to using replay for balls and strikes and outs, that would make the game longer.  We’ll see what happens!

In other news, the Cubs are doing well.  Not just a single person has been helping out the cause, but everyone on the team.  The offense and defense has been great, they help each other out and stay ahead.  They just need to keep doing well through these last few days of August and do the same thru October.  Go CUBS!


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