There’s always something new

Well I’m in week 2 of school and it seems to have kicked up a notch when it comes to getting a little more difficult.  I guess I saw that coming though, it happens every semester.  I am finding the reading load getting heavier and a little more intense, but as I said that goes in to the whole scheme of college.  I wrote my first analysis paper last week over a short video, and I did not do as well as I thought I would.  It was a one page essay and as I read his notes he complimented me on my writing, my language in the paper, and my format.  I guess I missed some commas and he wanted some words changed and all this dropped me down to a D.  Well I have corrected it and I now can get the full points.  For now, I might go to the writing center and have them check over my paper because atleast 4 students have had his TCOM class. 

Anyways, I’m trying to get a lot of my writing stuff done before this weekend rolls around.  This is the weekend I’m going to Cinci with my dad to go watch the Cubs play the Reds on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m very excited to see the Cubbies, but they have dropped 4 straight games and I think they better get back on the ball quick! 

So I don’t think it has rained in Muncie since I have lived here.  I think tonight it may rain, considering it was sprinkling earlier.  I’m glad because it has been extremely hot and I’m hoping it cools the weather down.  The only downfall to rain is I hope it stays away from Cinci this weekend.

Also another big thing I’ll be working on for awhile is a potential feature length screenplay.  My script writing class is helping a lot with that process.  So I am rewriting one of the films the guys and I did a few years ago entitled The Leap of Faith.  I will be doing a whole rewrite and changing a lot of the stuff but everyone involved in the original said that was fine with them.  I’m pretty excited about it.  Once I get it finished, probably when I finish college, I will have to shoot it in a short version on a very low budget.  Then I would have people with money watch it and see if they will give me money to shoot the feature length film.  Then from there I would take it to various film festivals.  It’s a big process, so it’s a goal for the future!


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