To Write Love on Her Arms

I thought maybe I should take a little time to talk about this important program.  To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) was started in February of 2006 in Orlando, Florida.  The true story was written after a close friend of Jamie Tworkowski was denied entry into a drug treatment center.  The story was a look at those five days after she was denied into the center.  The TWLOHA T-shirts were initially sold to pay for Rene to go through rehab.  Now the program helps people get into drug rehab centers and try to get the word out that suicide is not a choice one should make.  I have included 2 videos in this entry, the first is an intro video with Jamie talking about TWLOHA and Rene also read part of the story.  The second is the complete story that Jamie wrote about those 5 days.  If you don’t want to watch the second video and read the story there, feel free to go to the site and click the story link and read the story there!  I can’t stress enough on how important this program is, and if you don’t watch the second video, please watch the first.


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