Another Week!

So I am in my fifth week of classes, I would like to say it is going fast but I would be lying, semesters never seem like they go by fast enough.  I am to the point now where I know what classes I sort of enjoy and which ones I hate.  I have 3 that I do like, but there are also 2 I don’t like.  I do enjoy my history 150 class, it’s kind of crazy though.  They expect to cover the beginning of time all the way until the present.  We’ve skipped a few things in between.  Our prof has said we obviously can’t cover everything and I guess BSU is looking into possible changing that class somewhere in time.  My Health class isn’t bad either, it only meets once a week.  I also love my TCOM scriptwriting class, it’s awesome.  Unfortunately that is one of my pre-tcom writing classes, so this is the last week for it.  Now I go to another writing class for another 5 weeks, which will not be as cool as scriptwriting.  This class has really filled out the detail with scriptwriting and shown me the different challenges.  So it has got me working in a big film I’m writing, it won’t be done any time soon though.

So I’m not too much of a fan of my TCOM 204 analysis class.  It’s a hard class and I just don’t enjoy analyzing stuff down to every camera angle, sounds, costuming, and so on.  Geology isn’t terrible, since our Chines professor had her baby and now is gone for awhile.  I have been getting A’s on my quizzes now, imagine that!  We have a field trip to Brookville, Indiana tomorrow at the White River.  Not sure what to think about it yet, good thing Bryce is going to I have somebody to hang with and trust in the Canoe.

So this week is also Homecoming for Ball State.  Lot’s of activities this week and so on.  Big football game on Saturday afternoon.  Speaking of football BSU is 4-0, and we beat IU last week, that’s like SHOCKING!  So, Cassie has some people coming for homecoming and my friend Jon Guse is coming from Kokomo.  We’re going to the game Saturday, it should be pretty awesome.

So, I have to admit that I haven’t been trying very hard trying to get a job.  I know that;s not a good thing.  I guess I have been trying to adjust to living here and I’m just trying so hard in school and trying to do such an awesome job.  I hate studying and all that good stuff, but I guess I want to do a real good job.  I have also been trying to meet people and all that good stuff.  I really need to start cracking down on searching though.

Well this post is a lot longer than I intended, sorry!


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