An evening stroll on campus…

So things seems to be running as smoothly as they can school wise.  Can’t complain a whole lot, it’s school.  Anyways, so the fall swing of shows has began so I try to make a little time for them in my schedule.  But October has finally come and you know what that means…MLB POSTSEASON!  The Cubs began there postseason last night against the LA Dodgers.  Unfortunately, they lost game one 7 to 2.  The Cub’s took the lead early when Mark DeRosa hit a two run homer to put the score at 2-0.  Things would soon fall apart, when Cub’s pitcher Ryan Demster walked several batters and then a grandslam was hit.  From there, the game just slipped way.  But, the Cubs have tonight to try and catch up. 

So after the game I was pretty upset after the tough loss.  I kind of wanted to get out of the apartment for awhile and I was texting with my new friend Katie.  I decided on a walk, even though it was like 40 some degrees last night.  I drove over to campus, parked the car and then met up with Katie.  I’m pretty sure we walked the WHOLE campus, but it was fun and it relieved a lot of stress for me.  I just kind of forgot about the weather, I think I just became to numb from the cold.  We had some interesting conversations, but I feel we both thought it kind of took some stress out of lives i.e. school and baseball…lol! 

So I’m headed back to Kokomo this weekend to see mom and then we’re going to FT. Wayne to see my bro and Andrea.  Jordan is getting placed into his field work at the church Andrea works at, so that should be great for them.  I’m excited to see them, it’s been a few months.  Also I get to see Roise and Tobie, I love thosedogs.  Anyway, it should be fun.

I leave you with the following; a video tribute from Comcast sportsnet on the Cub’s regular season.  It has actually highlights and footage and not just pictures.  One of the best videos I’ve seen for the Cubs in awhile.  It’s to the new Cub’s song “All the Way,” by Cub’s fan and Pearl Jam lead singer, Eddie Vedder…enjoy!


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