The things we do for fun…

Life seems to always shape up a little bit around Muncie.  Especially when your stressing out over classes, quizzes, and test.  Sometimes you just have to get away from all that and have a little fun.  I like writing about the fun things I do because there FUN! 

So yesterday I spent some time with my newest friend Katie.  Well, on Friday I had a movie night at the apartment and she missed it.  So we made up for it on Sunday evening.  She absolutely hates horror films, but I told her I that I loved them and since it is October…we must watch scary movies.  So I introduced her to the Saw franchise.  We sat down and watched the first Saw film, which I’m pretty sure freaked her out.  Katie made it through the film and I think it even intrigued her to watch the rest of them at another time.  So I took her back to campus so she could go do some stuff and I came back and did some homework. 

Later on in the evening we talked some more and decided we needed to get out for a little bit.  So I went to campus and we took a long walk, which was a lot of fun.  We definitely had an adventure, I need to take my camera next time.  I stepped in gum (yes, I think I deserved it for spitting gum out another time mom).  Good thing for cell phone camera’s because Katie had to take a picture of this.  She also got me soaking wet by throwing water on me from the fountain, she’ll get it back some day.  We walked by Ball Memorial Hospital and there was a random wheel chair at the end of the parking lot, kind of cool.  I ATTEMPTED to climb a tree…kind of a failure there.  Then we went back to Lafollet and I met her neighbors and we chatted for a little bit. 

Then Katie and I went back outside and sat down and chatted some more.  Yep, I definitely told more than I should have, too many embarrassing stories.  If your wondering what stories mom, just think wewax…you know what I mean.  I figured I just need to tell them now before she hears them later.  Then I made a fool of myself and did some cartwheels and some tumbling, I hurt my back a little.  This was tons of fun and I know we’ll do it again sometime.  Get this, she’s coming over to watch Saw 2 on Wednesday evening, I’ve got her hooked now!  

I will end this blog with this final note:  “College isn’t just all about classes and test and so on, but a time to figure out who we are and what we want to do with our lives.  It’s also a time to have some fun with some great people.”


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  1. mom

    Sounds like you had fun. See I told you about the gum!!!

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