Just because I’m losing, doesn’t mean I’m lost…

So this has been quite a week thus far.  I really expected coming off Fall Break and getting even busier, and I was right.  I always forget how the semester gets extremely hard after that fall semester.  I mean, we didn’t get a Fall Break at IUK, but you always knew when it was because everyone else was on break.  I guess I can say that at IUK we had every Friday off.  Oh well, things change.  Any way, I did get busy after our 1 day break.  I had to come back to BSU and write a paper over It’s A Wonderful Life for my analysis class!  Since then I have been working my butt off trying to study for my Geology test.  I’ve been filling out my study guide and going over his powerpoints very carefully, I would like a good grade on this.  Next week I have a history test.  So he’s going to put the study guide up soon and I’ll be spending a lot of time on that. 

So cool news is that I am entering a music video contest.  Coldplay is accepting music videos to there acoustic version of the song “Lost?”  They want our own ideas, so no pictures or concert footage of them.  So I’ve created a story line, now I just have to get some people together and shoot it.  A talked to a friend of mine from tcom and  he is going to give me hand.  It will be like a 4 minute video and I have to post it by December first.  I’m hoping to shoot next week!  After editing I have to post it on youtube and send the link to the sight.  A panel will judge all the videos and then finalist will be selected.  The grand winner gets there video posted on the Coldplay sight and wins a trip to England to watch them perform.  They cover ALL travel expenses and you get backstage passes and the best seats in the house.  Now this is a long shot, but I can say I gave it a try!  Should be fun!  If you want to hear the song go here… http://www.coldplay.com/lostcontest.html


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