It was the wicked and wild wind, blew the doors to let me in…”

So I keep trekking on through all these different challenges in my life.  I’ve got some great news and I just have to share it.  I got my paper back for my last TCOM 204 paper and I definitely got a 90 out of a 100, Success!  I was quite happy and very proud of myself.  He talked about people maybe wanting to drop the class and trying again next semester, since the withdraw date is coming up.  I talked to him and he told me I was passing, which I knew that already.  He told me I had a B+ and that was just excellent news.  This is my last week of TCOM 208, my news writing class.  I’ve got like an A or something in there, so I’m happy how the 5 weeks have gone that I spent in there.  My last 5 weeks of writing are in TCOM 207, which is Copy Writing.  I’ve met the prof already because I thought I was suppose to be in his class this 5 weeks.  All my other classes seem to being going well.  I’m still struggling in Geology, but I’m working hard.  Bad news, the Chinese Professor that left that class to have her baby will be back November 18, not looking forward to that.  A running joke it that she is coming back just in time to fail us all!

Other than school, I’ve been trying to have some fun here and there.  Last Friday we carved pumpkins and I’m pretty sure it was the first time since I was 10 or so.  It was fun, I hate the part where you have to pull all the guts out.  I’m pretty sure I got lazy and Katie had to finish for me.  Saturday I went to the Ball State football and it was very cold, but fun to watch the team get another victory…8-0!

This weekend should be a lot of fun.  Cassie and I got some friends coming for Halloween weekend!  We’re all going to go see Saw V on Halloween night.  Then on Saturday, we’re just going to have some fun with a costume party.  I’m looking forward to it!

(My pumpkin, Katie’s Pumpkin, and Cassie’s Pumpkin)


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