“I wanna play a game”…it’s called Halloween Weekend!

So my Halloween Weekend went well.  Jon and Brandi came to Muncie on Friday night.  We ate at Steak and Shake.  We went and looked around at the mall and target to kill some time.  Then we went to the movies to see Saw V.  I had heard it wasn’t very good, but I actually liked it and so did everyone else.  This one had a lot of back story to it and it definitely set up for next years Saw VI, which has already got the green light to begin.  I like how, at least in this franchise, all the films connect together.  After that we came back to the apartment and just hung out the rest of the evening.

On Saturday everyone else made there way to Muncie for the actual Halloween Party, which was on November 1…lol.  Cassie, Brandi, Kate, Miles, Jon, and I went to the grocery to pick up some food for the party.  Later in the afternoon Michael finally got there.  So Jon, Michael, and myself went and shot some hoops on the basketball court, first time I have used the court since I moved in.  Then we shot some pool and Ed showed up from Bloomington.  Jon didn’t have a costume, so the Brandi, Cassie, and Ed took Jon and found him something to wear.  Bryana was the last one to get there, she came over from Purdue.  We got in out costumes and just had a fun time.

Bryana (Purdue student), Kate (50’s girl), Cassie (Sally from Nightmare before Christmas), Brandi (Alice in Wonderland)

Ed (Dr. House), Jon (Punk Rocker), Michael (Flint Tropic), Me (Doctor), Miles (Sports Fan)

The party was fun!  Unfortunately Michael’s car was broken into some time in the night.  They took his GPS and his MP3 player.  He was very upset, as were the rest of us.  After an officer came and made a report we all got ready and headed to IHOP for a brunch, which was very good.  Then we got back and everyone packed up and headed home.  It was a nice weekend.


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