Goodbye…Kerry Wood..

kerry-woodA sad day has come in my life.  The Cubs picked up a new pitcher and are preparing to say goodbye to pitcher Kerry Wood.  He has been my favorite Cub, and after 10 years he is leaving the team.  He joined the Cubs and was rookie of the year in 1998.  He is tied with the record for the most strike outs in one game, which is 20 K’s. 

Over the years Wood has had some pretty serious injuries, which was difficult for the Cubs to deal with.  He kept coming back after surgeries, but would get hurt again again.  This year he made the transition from starter to closer.  This season he had 37 saves.  Not too bad for his first year as a closer.  He did battle one blister, which stopped him from pitching for a short time. 


So why did the Cubs let him go?  Well last year the Cubs signed him for a one year deal and he did great.  This year he was looking for a multi-year deal and the Cubs just couldn’t do that this year.  Their letting Kerry go and maybe he can find a multi-year contract.  He was the longest running Cub on the team and he is my favorite.  I wish Kerry Wood the greatest luck and I will cheer for him wherever he goes.  He will always be a Chicago Cub at heart.

Thanks for 10 years Kerry!
Kerry Wood #34




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