Una qué primera semana interesante hasta ahora…

Buenos días!  I’m using a little Spanish lingo I suppose, the title in English is What an interesting first week so far.  Then my first line says good morning.  Well, I’ve almost made it through the first week of a new semester.  I really have mixed feelings on the matter I suppose.  It’s going to be a long and tough semester, but I’m sure some parts of it are going to be really fun.  I thought last semester was busy, this is nothing compared to that at all.  Friday is actually my easiest day; I only have one class, Spanish, go figure since I have that class 4 out of 5 days.  That class has been very difficult because he gets mad when we speak in English, sometimes he goes on a ramble in Spanish and we have no clue what he is saying.  I figure I just do what I’m told and study hard I can probably come out ahead. 

Then there’s my tcom classes this semester.  I will be quite busy with them this semester.  I am taking Audio 1 and Video 1.  These classes are very time consuming because I will have tons of reading and lots of projects.  I had to fill out this survey for my Audio 1 class about whether I am available or not each hour of every single day.  I filled it out and he was telling us that if he ever needed us to work on a project or help with a film he will let us know.  The bad thing is he told us that sleep doesn’t count on that survey.  So if I’m not in class, it’s fair game of him to let me know I have to help with audio for a film at 3 a.m.  I was shocked at first, but then quickly realized that this business it not a 9-5 career.  Anyway, I’ll be working on some commercials and films for audio and I will get credit in the films and the commercials could possible be on tv.  The projects for video consist of doing a biography on ourselves.  All projects after that consist of us working in partners.  We will be shooting and editing music videos and such.  Yes I have made one music video before, but I really don’t know how to edit that well, so it’s time to learn.  Also it’s not a cheap major, between books and equipment I’ve had to buy.

My other classes consist of Math 125, which I’m not sure about yet.  One of the kids from tcom, that is in Spanish class, is in there, so I know someone.  Also Cassie is awesome at Math, so she can help tutor me.  I’m also taking my fitness class this semester, Fitness Walking which meets twice a week and then has a third day which is a lecture.  It’s not too bad, we haven’t even started walking yet.  We do our 2 mile pretest Thursday next week.

The last thing I would like to talk about is this crazy weather.  It’s snowed a crap load and it’s freezing here.  It was like -2 this morning and the high is 0 I believe.  Tomorrow it’s suppose to be -10.  I thought there were cold days last semester, nothing compared to this.  A bunch of us were talking about how our beards were actually freezing and forming ice, it’s crazy!  Well, I need to get some reading done before my next class, this is Thursday which means this is the only day I don’t have Spanish, YAH! 


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