“We sit here stranded, though we’re all doin our best to deny it…”

I can mark down another week in this new semester.  They funny thing is, I’ve talked to a bunch of people and we all feel that we’ve been in this semester a month already and we clearly haven’t.  I’m still keeping pretty busy, homework just kind of consumes me and I try my hardest to stick with it.  Honestly, I have those moments where I just want to say screw all of it and do what I want, but I know that’s pretty unrealistic.  Today was Friday, which meant I only had one class.  I got some work done and then decided to kind of take it easy this evening.  I just kicked back and enjoyed a movie.  I figured I would relax tonight and get back to everything tomorrow.  I’ve got a lot of work to do, so I better just get use to the idea of doing homework on weekends now. 

I plan on working pretty hard this week because I’m going home next weekend and looking forward to it.  My buddy Jon turns 22 and he is having a party Friday night.  Then on Saturday evening I’m going to a birthday party for my grandpa.  My plan is to come back Sunday afternoon and get back to doing whatever work I have left over.  Now that we have the first couple weeks in, it means it’s time to add quizzes in with all your reading work.  I took a Math quiz the other day, I think I did well except for one problem.  I got confused by it but I may have pulled it off.  I have my first Spanish quiz on Monday, he gave us a little study sheet.  I think I as long as I study hard I should be all right, too bad spelling really counts for Spanish but I suppose that’s probably pretty important.

Well I suppose that’s all I really have to say for tonight.  I’m in one of those weird moods today I guess.  I’ll catch you next time!



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