What a day…

So as everyone must know now, Ball State cancelled classes yesterday.  It was kind of nice, but in a way it wasn’t.  I’ll start from the beginning.  I got up at 7 a.m. as usual.  I jumped in the shower, ate breakfast, and checked my email.  I had nothing about classes being cancelled.  So I went and brushed my teeth and I prepared to go outside.  I checked my email one last time to just make sure, and as of 8 a.m. I had nothing.  So Cassie and I trekked through the snow and made our way to the bus stop.  We finally made it there and waited patiently for the bus.  Once on campus, I was in the HP building waiting outside my classroom for my 9 a.m. class.  Around 8:40 I got a call from Cassie saying everyone started getting a text from BSU that classes were cancelled.  I still hadn’t gotten one but I believed it.  Well a girl from my class said she got one and not too soon after I got mine.  The 8 a.m. class that was in the classroom my 9 a.m. was in came out around 8:45 or so.  The professor from that class came out and she was talking about how she couldn’t believe we had classes.  We told her about the text and she couldn’t believe it.  I mean, she had to driven in for her 8 a.m. how dumb is that?  So I got back on the EXACT SAME bus I came in on, as did Cassie.

For the rest of the day I did a little reading, which later turned into procrastinating.  It’s bad to have so much time off, because you honestly don’t get a whole lot done.  But I’ve been working hard today and preparing myself for next week since I’m pretty much losing studying this weekend.  But I should be ready and I will review on Sunday.  Cassie and I did go back out later that evening and cleaned her car off and got it out.  I’ll have to try and get my car out today.  Yesterday, Cassie and I kept seeing ads on TV for KFC and we decided we had to have some chicken.  So she drove us to KFC, good thing she likes driving in snow because I hate it.

So the BSU Daily News reported Muncie got 12.4 inches of snow.  The last time BSU cancelled classes was in 2007 during that one snow storm.  The time before that was like in the 1970’s I believe.  Anyway, people were mad the message didn’t get out until 8:45.  They said the grounds crew could not keep up with the snow fall between 4 and 8 a.m.  Normally they try to make a decision before between 7 and 8.  I heard someone say the following on the MITZ when going to campus, “Jo Ann Gora is crazy, this is not education redefined.”  She is the president of BSU and that is our slogan.  It was kind of funny.  I survive the snow and now we’re trying to recooperate.  Campus is still covered and the side walks are still terrible, so I’m trying to stay on my feet and not on my butt!


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