“It’s been a long time comin’ but now it’s here…”

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be shooting on location for a film?  I sure have, considering it’s kind of the career path I’m going down.  I got a pretty good taste of it tonight.  My Audio Production class requires us to work in the field as audio and lighting assistants.  My class works with several upper level classes that are working on their CEI projects.  There are six groups and two different scripts.  Three of the groups each take the script and shoot their own version (making 3 different film versions).  Then the other three groups do the same with the other script.  I helped one of the groups that shooting a script called The Unknown Artist.  From what I know, it’s about some kind of performer (the artist) that is trying to make it big.  A writer comes along to try and help him out and tries to help him become known and wants to write his story.  As the story unfolds the artist is brutally attacked and is stabbed in the throat. 

This is where I come in, I helped with the hospital shoot today.  We shout here at Ball State in the Cooper Science/Nursing building.  The have simulated hospital rooms that we used.  I held the boom microphone, which is help above the actors and catches their voices.  I also helped with lighting.  It was a need experience but holding that microphones kills your arms after you do take after take and shot after shot.  We started about 4 and got done about 8.  We did about two scenes, the hospital room taking about 3 hours or more of that.  I was a little unsure of what to do because we really haven’t been trained, but the student director and producer helped to explain things.  This film was being shot with a high definition camera, which is pretty sweet.  It was neat, and they asked my tcom buddies and I about a few things that would help the scene out.  We found a nursing prof. and she was able to help us simulate an IV and get a nasal breather thing, along with setting the heart monitor.  One of the guys was like, “We’ve all seen ER, what do they use?”  I knew watching ER all these years was a good thing.  Anyway, my name goes in the credits for helping out.  They are shooting all this coming weekend and I might be helping then to for the experience, and I might get a cameo! 

I could write so much more on this, but I have many more things to do.  Ask me about it sometime, and maybe I can explain how we do a lot of the things behind the scenes.  It’s very interesting and I enjoyed it very much, but let me tell you, it’s very tiring.  I guess that’s just a taste, I mean in the big leagues they film sometimes 20 hours a day.  This is a tough semester, but I’m learning and I just need to realize that.



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