“Il Dissoluto Punito or Don Giovanni”

Tonight I had my first taste of the opera.  My Spanish professor speaks of Mozart often, and today in class he spoke about Don Giovanna.  It’s a dramatic comedy by Lorenzo da Ponte and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Ball States University Theater put it on at Emens auditorium, and I went for the extra credit.  I went all by myself, which I wasn’t so sure about at first.  But I couldn’t really find anyone to go with me and I was coming directly from a movie shoot.  I went in, not really knowing what to expect.  I made sure that my professor saw me before the show began.  The lights went down and the show began.  Little did I know, the whole thing was in Spanish.  Well I wasn’t totally screwed because they had English subtitles placed above the stage, so I was able to see what they were singing.  The first act wasn’t bad, but I was a little tired.  My professor came and spoke to me during intermission and marked me off on his list.  This was my chance to leave, but I really hate to leave a show and not see the ending, I stayed.  The music and acting were great, but it was just long, about 3 hours actually. 

The story consist of a man, Don Giovanni, that keeps a book of all the women he sleeps with…which isthousands.  At the beginning he kills an older gentleman.  The older gentleman’s daughter and her husband vowel to kill whoever did this.  Don Giovanni and his servant move on to the next town, after Giovanni successfully sleeps with another and runs off and she is furious.  So now the older gentleman’s daughterand husband are after him and so is this woman.  Giovanni tries to sleep with another woman, who is about to marry.  Her husband is ferious, and becomes jealous.  She doesn’t sleep with Giovanni, and now this woman and her husband want to kill Giovanni.  To make a long story short, Giovanni is not killed by any of these people, but he gets whats coming to him in the end.  If you would like to know more about the story, ask me about it sometime and I will explain more then.  There was a lot to this!


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