“Here comes your nine-teenth nervous breakdown….”

dsc006251(This is me in one of the audio studios)

Another week, which means another post.  If you haven’t ever noticed, the titles of a lot of my blogs come from songs.  Some times it’s the song that I’m listening to when I start out, or it can really reflect my current mood.  This week comes from The Rolling Stones “19th Nervous Breakdown.”  I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed, but I got a lot done tonight.  So I thought I would write a quick post to get me ready for some sleep.  I have to get through this week and next for Spring Break.  I got to work in the studio today and work on foley for the film that I helped with sound with a few weeks ago.  We had specific scenes that my tcom partner and I had to create sounds for.  We had to make the sound of shoes walking across a stage, a person being pushed into a wooden door, some pushing sounds, a person hitting the floor of a stage, and the sound of hands hitting a swinging door.  We watched the video and created different sounds, it was kind of fun.  I also saw a rough cut of the film, it was neat, especially seeing my name in the credits as part of the crew.

So before break rolls around I will be recording my first 30 second radio commercial.  Not sure what’s I’m doing yet.  I also have to shoot a short documentary on myself.  I’m hoping to do a little extra with that project.  I would like to shoot a lot of stuff on how I set things up, and poost both videos on here so you can see my biography and then see what goes into shooting something like this.  It should be neat and I hope to have the time, plus it’s more practice editing for me! 

 So lots to do for TCOM, then of course I continue to have more work in my other classes.  I’m working hard in Math, i think I have a B right now.  I don’t know my Spanish grade, but I think I’m doing ok.  It’s starting to get more difficult, but I have some classmates that I know and we try to work things out, I can’t allow myself to go under in there.  So I’m trying to keep pretty up to date on everything.  So I think that’s it for now.  Like I said, I hope with my next post next week to try and have my biography up here, plus a behind the scenes look at setting up a scene.  Until then, I hope you all have a good week and try and not be like me and have that 19th nervous breakdown!


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