“Well it goes like this the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift…”

Spring Break has come and gone just as quickly as it does every year.  Now I have my eyes set on the next 8 weeks of the semester.   8 weeks sure doesn’t sound like much, but I still have a lot left to do.  Besides going to class and doing a BUNCH of projects, I need to start scheduling my classes for the fall semester.  I have already signed up for one class for summer session 1, which is Spanish 102.  I thought about making picking up possibly another class and then I need to plan accordingly for summer session 2.  I also need to get a job, which I’m hoping some spots on campus will open up for those students who leave. 

I’m really just looking forward to being done with school and I hope around this time next year I am looking at graduation.  I have a long, hard road in front of me but I’m trying to keep on task.  I have events that I get to look forward to, that help me make it through sections of my life.  When I feel really stressed, I look at events that are coming soon to help me pull through.  One of those things is coming home, which I love to do.  Other big events are the Cleveland Indians game on April 25th, hopefully going to the Coldplay concert in June, weddings this summers, and a Cubs game at Wrigley on August 14th.  There are others, but those are the big ones of course.  By the way, finding out that Coldplay is going to be at Verizon Wireless over break was awesome.  I so hope I can get tickets, I just want to be there and see my band!

Well, I need to end this post.  I plan to go to bed early each night, but it never happens.  So since the alarm will be buzzing at 7 am I better catch as many z’s as I can before then. 


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