“So I waited for you…”

All I keep thinking today is that the year 2009 is not so bad.  I was so excited over Spring Break when I found out that Coldplay was coming back to North America for another run on their tour.  Well, I decided to look at the dates, figuring nothing would ever be that close to me in Muncie.  I was proven wrong!  As I read through the dates, I saw a Tennessee show and thought that wasn’t too far but then I saw a Cleveland show.  But even after all of that I saw Verizon Wireless in Noblesville, Indiana.  Coldplay actually booked a gig in Indiana!  I was ecstatic and looked for people to go with me.  I found 4 others and we decided to get the cheaper tickets, lawn seats, we just wanted to be there.  Well, I got the tickets on pre-sale this morning, which made us all very happy.  They were a little pricer than I originally thought coming in with a total price of $55.85 a piece, but it’s well worth it.  I have always dreamed of seeing Coldplay, but I always thought it was a far dream; I guess I was wrong.  So if you think I talk about Coldplay a lot now, your in for it.  I’m not sure who the opening act is, it has not been announced at this time.  It should be an amazing summer.  Even though I’ll be taking classes and working, I’ll at least have baseball games and Coldplay.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin

(This is the lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin.  It was taken by actor Zach Braff.)


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