Tonight, we say goodbye…

I should ecplain the title first, I have a big event tonight, well for me anyway.  It’s ER’s series final tonight.  I have been watching that show for 15 years and it’s coming to an end tonight.  I’m excited and sad, it’s had a great run!  It starts at 8 with an hour of looking back on the show and then the final 2 hour episode.  Tonight, we say goodbye…

So I’ve been pretty busy trying to get things done.  This was actually suppose to be my last week in Audio class, and then take the final next week.  This class only meets 10 out of the 15 weeks, but he added another week int there to get a few more things in.  I will be happy when it is all over, I have been super busy in there.  Last week I worked on my Pro Tools 101 projects all week during the time we would have had class.  There were two exercises to do, so my audio partner and I knocked those out.  Then, this week, my partner and I recorded and mixed our second and final radio commercial.  It’s more of a funny commercial, pretty much something that could never air, we just had fun with it.  Next week we review for the final, which I’m glad we take early because it is going to be difficult.  The test should take about 40 minutes and then we have to wrap a mic cord, which is harder than you think.  If you don’t wrap it a certain way, you pretty much fail.  Our prof told us he saw a person get fired once for wrapping a cord the wrong way. 

A week or so ago I pretty much got all my classes mapped out for my last year of college.  I’m hoping to take six classes this summer between the two summer sessions, with a total of 19 credits, and then two 15 credit hour semesters this next fall and spring.  That’s the plan, unless they drop one of my tcom classes this summer and then I’ll be taking a 18 credit hour semester next year.  I’m just hoping everything works out, I’m ready to get everything finished.

So I have lots to do this weekend!  I’m shooting and editing a music video and then hopefully working on my final project for video class.  I also need to get some studying in there, get prepared for that audio final. 


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