“Baseball seasons here again…”

So today is the big day, Opening Day!  I have been so excited for today, and it ended in a Cubs victory.  The Cubs won their first game of the season on the road against the Houston Astros.   They won the game 4-2.  Of course I was a little disappointedduring the off season with the release of Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa, those two being my favorites.  It’s all good though, I can still cheer those two on in Cleveland but my true heart belongs to the Cubs.  Carlos Zambrano pitched his 5thopening day and got his first opening day win tonight.  It’s a great way to start off a new season, and I definitely look for more to come this season!  I have picked my favorites to cheer on this season, which includes:  Sean Marshall, Ted Lilly, Kevin Gregg, and Mike Fontenot.  For now, that’s it, but more stayed tune for more Cubs post during the rest of the season!


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