“My brain is hanging upside down…”

Another week down in the semester, which seems to be going fast and slow all at the same time.  I still have a lot to do, which is never fun.  I’m so close to being done with Audio class, the final meeting is next Wednesday.  Bad news is that I have my audio final Monday and I still don’t feel ready for it.  There is so much information and sometimes I have a lot of trouble processing all that technical information.  I’m sure I’ll figure it somehow, it will just take some more time. 

I have one last project left in my Video Production class.  It’s a creative endeavor, so we can do anything we want.  My partner and I are getting together on Monday to start scripting and storyboarding ideas.  This project should be fun, I’m looking forward to it.  Today I took a little break and took everyone’s music video from the class and put them all on a DVD so I have a copy.  It’s interesting to go and look how others did there videos. 

I’m looking forward to going home this weekend.  Sure, I’m going to be studying for Audio, but I get to see family and stuff myself full of  food.  I’m headed home Friday after Spanish class.  I’m just planning on hanging out at home on Friday.  Then on Saturday I’m headed to the lake to see family on my dad’s side, should be some good times.  I’m looking forward to showing off  some of my projects that I have completed, to my family.  On Sunday, I’m headed for church and then having Easter with my mom’s side of the family.  I just need to remember to get studying done! 

Cubs are currently 2-1.  That’s it for now!



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