“Where were you, when everything started to fall apart…”

Yesterday, a good friend of mine, had some crushing news.  I don’t plan on going into any detail, it just made me want to write about something.  A lot of bad things happen in this world, and sometimes it just doesn’t make any since.  Most of us ask ourselves, “Why me?”  We can run that single question through our heads over and over and most times we can never get an answer.  We have those times when just the worse things can happen to us, and we wonder “What’s next?’ 

The worst part is, sometimes we feel so alone.  But looking around, we’re not alone through the tough times in our lives.   The greatest gift God gave us was family and friends.  Without all of them, I do think we would be alone.  The good thing about family, for most, they are always there.  No matter what goes on in your life, the constant love and support of your family is greatest.  Friends are so important as well.  In life, friends come and go, but sometimes you just make those connections that just stick forever…those our the best friends.  The best friends are right with you, even through the tough times.  When you lose someone so important in your life, your friends are here for you.  Whether it’s just a shoulder to cry on, a late-night talk over milkshakes, or even just being there all night just in case you need someone…best friends are always there.  Those best friends would drop anything for you, and not even look back.

We go through tough times in our lives, but family and friends are there to help us get back on our feet.  Never think you’re alone, because your not.  We ban together and work through anything, no barrier can get in our way.  So the next time you ask yourself the questions, “Why Me?” or “What’s Next?” don’t think you have to work it all out by yourself.  There are people who will be right next to you, no matter what.

for Kayla


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