“I’m better off in every other way…”

So it’s been a long couple of weeks, but I’ve been hanging in there.  I always talk about how these last few months of school are real crazy, believe me, they just get worse.  My partner and I finished filming our creative endeavor for video class last weekend.  It felt good to have that step done.  Then I got a call from him Sunday night around 11ish and he was like, “bad news man…”  I didn’t know what to expect.  He had started to digitize and go over the footage when we found that the sound was cutting in and out on our tapes.  I couldn’t believe it!  We messed around with it for a couple hours that night, and got nothing going.  So I came back home sometime after 1 that morning and slept.  Then I got up and took the tapes in and tried to re-digitize them.  Well we shot with two cameras, which means two different tapes.  We used one camera to film our main character (the producer tape) and then the second to film the other people ( so it was called our crew tape).  Well the crew tape was the worst, it kept losing time code as I was digitizing which throws everything off.  So I digitized it the best I could, it took over a half an hour to digitize 10 minutes worth of footage.  The second tape only lost time code 3 times, so it wasn’t as bad.  So now the question was, did we have enough “good” footage to piece together a film.  Well, Nathan and I sat in the lab most of the night and tried to put things together.  We were able to save a lot, and we had to trash other things.  We have to refilm a few minor scenes, but all in all we made it work, thanks to Nathan’s awesome editing skills (he calls himself the Editing Master).  Sowe’re going to re-film a few Closeup Shots (CU) today and then edit those in.  We had a lot of trouble with the lights in a few scenes, so we’re trying to fix those the best we can in editing.  I would like to have the bulk of this done before I leave for Cleveland this weekend, which we should.  This is really my second big problem with Video Production, but I guess you just have to stay focused and dot he best you can.

As I said a little bit ago, I’m headed to Cleveland this weekend.  Dad and I have tickets to a Cleveland Indians game.  I wanted to go so I could watch former Cubs, and my favorites, Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa play.  I don’t remember who their even playing, but it should be a good game.  Hopefully the Indians are ahead at the end and Kerry Wood gets to come out and close the game.  It’s also Kerry Wood bobble head day, so I’ll get a Kerry Wood bobble head, too bad he’ll be in an Indians Jersey.  Well, I think I’ve ranted enough for now.


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