“Lights will guide you home…”

So it’s been a few weeks since my last entry.  I figured I would write something while I’m taking a break from my summer class homework.  Well, this semester ended up going really well grade wise.  My grade point average for this semester was a 3.0, which is way cool!  Overall, I now have a GPA of 2.877, so maybe by the time the summer is over I could have a 3.0 overall.  My lowest grade of the semester was Math, a C-, which I was very happy with since I started to struggle at the end.  I am officially done with taking math.  The rest of my grades were:  Audio Production A, Video Production B-, Spanish 101 B, and Fitness Walking A. 

Then I had a week off before I started summer classes.  I spent the time at home, hanging with family and friends.  I didn’t plan on coming home for a week, but I ended up getting a Tetnis and Meningitis shot, and the Meningitis shot made me sick late Monday night and I had a fever all of Tuesday.  I was also hoping to hear back from a job, but I got nothing.  So I just hung out at home. 

I started summer session 1 today.  I got to my first class, and found it a few minutes later that BSU cancelled the class, and I was never notified.  So I had to find a class to replace it, so instead of history of theater, I’m taking history of music.  After that, I have ten minutes to get to Professional Business Communications, and then ten minutes to get to Spanish 102.  I go to class from 9:15 to 3 Monday thru Friday.  It’s actually kind of nice just to have all my classes back to back.

Have a lot planned this week.  Going to the midnight showing of Terminator Salvation Thursday/Friday night/morning.  I also have to go to Kokomo Thursday to pick up my tux for Emily’s wedding.  Then coming back to Kokomo Friday after class for the wedding rehearsal.  Then Saturday is Emily’s wedding.  On Monday, I think I’m headed for the Lake to hang out with my dad’s side of the family.  Busy, busy, busy…that’s my life.  Hope I can find a job too!  That’s all for now!

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