“…starts laughing thinking about Glory Days…”

Summer is cruising by, but I can’t say the same for summer classes.  I just keep trying to do my and just look forward to the almost month break I will get before I start fall classes.  I get Friday off for a holiday weekend, and then I have 3 weeks left of classes.  I can say I’m getting ahead, but it’s not fun.

I have been trying to have fun other than school things.  I went to Michigan this last weekend.  Cassie and I headed to Richmond, Michigan to see our friend Kayla and her dog, my buddy, Chip!  It was about a 3 hour drive.  We got there and ate and hung out and then went to a movie.  On Saturday we set up for her sister’s high school graduation party.  We were busy most of the day, but it was a fun time.  Then on Sunday we just relaxed a bit and then headed back around 2;30.  It was a fun trip.  It’s always fun to see Kayla and chip.  Cassie and I have missed them this summer.  The new school year should be fun because Kayla and our other friend Kate are moving into the building next to us, the two of them have a 4 bed room to themselves.  We’ve already decided we’ll be living in and out of each other’s apartments.

I’m looking forward to going home this week on Thursday.  I have a lot to do over break though.  I have a video I have to shoot and edit for Monday, which won’t be assigned until tomorrow.  Then I have a Geography test, and Spanish homework.  I plan to hang out with family and the guys in between all that.

Well I think that’s about it for now.  I would really like to give some news on the Cubs, but they are struggling big time.  Hopefully they can turn it all around after the All-Star Break this year.  That’s it for now!


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