“You wanna run away…”

So it has been a little while since I last wrote.  Various things have come up and I just haven’t got around to it, but I’m back now.  I did survive summer session 2.  Spanish was definitely a fight, but I made it.  Then I got four weeks off and I spent most of my time in Kokomo.  You would have thought that being on vacation meant I should be able to write, but I didn’t…sorry.  So now I will try and get everyone up to date on what is going on.

I would say the first major story is the fact that I am currently dating a pretty amazing girl.  Her name is Kayla and I met her here at Ball State.  She is a Landscape Architecture student, so a pretty busy girl.  She’s from Michigan.  We’ve been seeing each other for almost a month now.  She’s a fun person to be around and just talk with.  I know we have both been looking for something pretty special in our lives and I think we have found that.  I’m excited to have her help me get through the year and me help her too.  I know I’m looking forward to showing her Kokomo during Labor day Weekend.  We do have tickets to go on a tour of Wrigley field later in September.  

So my car has been on the downs again.  I was losing power in it the last couple of days.  So Kayla went to Advance Auto and it died right as I pulled in to advance auto parts.  I ended up getting a new battery and then had them check the alternator.  They said the alternator seemed fine.  So I think the problem is that I got a new AC modulator this summer and the people that worked on it rewired a newer modulator, and I think it may have sucked all the battery out of my car.  So I need to try and get that fixed like ASAP.  
I have began the the Fall semester of Ball State this week.  It’s kind of weird, because I’m a senior now!  I’m almost done, but I have so much to do.  It’s a pretty busy semester.  I have a ton of reading and writing to do this semester.  And I’m taking to project based classes and I hear a lot of my time will be consumed in there as well.  Good thing is, I have the same professor for both those classes.  I’m taking Spanish 202 (No clue what’s going on), Creative Writing, DVD Design, Media Law, and Web Development.  Let’s see how all this goes.  

I wish I had some good news on the Cubs, but I don’t.


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  1. datingcoach1

    Go Cubs! Good luck with your new girl! If you haven’t gotten the car fixed, check the fuel filter.

    Jeannine Kaiser
    America’s Dating Coach

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