A weekend of fun

So the long weekend was a very nice break from school and from Muncie.  I took Kayla to Kokomo so she could see where I have lived my whole life.  It was a fun trip, and I think she had fun with it.  On Friday we went out to dinner with my Aunt and little cousin.  Then we came back to my mom’s and I showed her Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween.  I think it was a little intense for Kayla, but I don’t think she hated it.  We had planned to see his sequel on Sunday.

On Saturday I took my car in to get it looked at.  The place wasn’t even open on Saturday, but my mom had talked to the guy and he said he would come in and look at it.  He told me it was the alternator and that he would stick around and go ahead and fix it for me.  It took about an hour and a half.  I was so thankful, it was very nice of him to do it, even though they were closed.  After all that Jordan Andrea, Kayla, and myself went to my grandma’s house at the lake, which is my dad’s side of the family.  We had fun eating, talking, and taking a boat ride.  Saturday night we had dinner with my mom, Jordan, Andrea, Grandma, and one of Jordan’s friends from the seminary.

On Sunday we went to church to watch Jordan preach.  Then we all went out to lunch afterwards.  we pretty much all packed up after that and headed back.  Kayla and I went and saw Halloween 2 Sunday night.  It wasn’t a great movie, but I didn’t hate it.  I just looked at it like it was Rob Zombie’s film, which is was, and it wasn’t cannon to the series.

Today Kayla and I just kind of chilled and did homework.  We’re definitely not ready for the week, but at least it’s only a four day week.  It was a good weekend though.  Chip and Jordan’s dog Tobi got along great.  Chip was really wore out when we got back, he even slept in the car.  I’m pretty sure out next long weekend, which is fall break, we’re headed to Michigan to see her family!


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