“I’ve been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see…”

Another week down, and it has been a slow one.  It’s Fall Break week!  We only get one day off at Ball State, which really sucks.  I wish they gave us a whole week off like they do for spring break.  I would be ok with them just giving us the whole week of Thanksgiving off!  Oh well, I’ll take the day off.  Kayla and I are headed to Michigan for break, once I am done with class today at 3:15.  We’re off to see her family, since she doesn’t get to go home as much.  I know she’s pretty excited to go home, she has been pretty stressed lately…and so have I.

Classes just seem to get really ridiculous and I get so frustrated with them sometimes.  I always have a ton of reading for Media Law and we just got our law analysis paper assigned.  It’s a ten page paper on the court case he assigned.  I got Flynt v. Rumsfeld, this could be an interesting paper.  Of course, Spanish is always ridiculous.  I hate that class with a burning passion.  I’m trying to just survive and pull my way out of the dark hole I’m in.  I’m hoping she might start having some pity on me.  She expects a lot out of us, and I’ve talked to people who have had her before and they totally agree.  She has added more stuff on since they had her and they couldn’t believe it. 

So I turned in my application for graduation a couple weeks ago.  I’m suppose to be done in May, so let’s see what happens.  I’m really ready to be done, it  has been a long four years.  I still have no idea what I’m going to do when I’m done though.  Sometimes I wish I would have stayed with my first major, but things change I guess, and you go with the flow.   I think that is it for now!


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