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A New Video

It’s been awhile since I posted a new video.  Well, this is one of my last projects for TCOM 334, Video Production 2.  I have one left after this.  The last two are the most important in my opinion.  Anyway, Here is my latest video.  I did a little Video about my Grandpa Jay.  The video has lot a lot of quality when I put it on youtube.  The images is not as clear and a lot of the background noise seems to be gone.  Sometimes i’ll show you the better qaulity where you can hear all those background sounds, they were really neat.  Enjoy!

Jay is a happy, busy man


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Final Video Project for TCOM 332

My partner and I have finally finished our final creative edeavor for TCOM 332 Video Production 1 class.  As you’ve read in the previous post, we have had all kinds of problems with this video.  So we took what we had to work with, and did the best job we could do.  Some audio is still distorted, but we couldn’t do any more reshooting.  The video quality is downgraded a bit and we’re not sure why.  So here it is, what my partner and I have been working on for over two weeks.

The Production


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“It’s been a long time comin’ but now it’s here…”

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be shooting on location for a film?  I sure have, considering it’s kind of the career path I’m going down.  I got a pretty good taste of it tonight.  My Audio Production class requires us to work in the field as audio and lighting assistants.  My class works with several upper level classes that are working on their CEI projects.  There are six groups and two different scripts.  Three of the groups each take the script and shoot their own version (making 3 different film versions).  Then the other three groups do the same with the other script.  I helped one of the groups that shooting a script called The Unknown Artist.  From what I know, it’s about some kind of performer (the artist) that is trying to make it big.  A writer comes along to try and help him out and tries to help him become known and wants to write his story.  As the story unfolds the artist is brutally attacked and is stabbed in the throat. 

This is where I come in, I helped with the hospital shoot today.  We shout here at Ball State in the Cooper Science/Nursing building.  The have simulated hospital rooms that we used.  I held the boom microphone, which is help above the actors and catches their voices.  I also helped with lighting.  It was a need experience but holding that microphones kills your arms after you do take after take and shot after shot.  We started about 4 and got done about 8.  We did about two scenes, the hospital room taking about 3 hours or more of that.  I was a little unsure of what to do because we really haven’t been trained, but the student director and producer helped to explain things.  This film was being shot with a high definition camera, which is pretty sweet.  It was neat, and they asked my tcom buddies and I about a few things that would help the scene out.  We found a nursing prof. and she was able to help us simulate an IV and get a nasal breather thing, along with setting the heart monitor.  One of the guys was like, “We’ve all seen ER, what do they use?”  I knew watching ER all these years was a good thing.  Anyway, my name goes in the credits for helping out.  They are shooting all this coming weekend and I might be helping then to for the experience, and I might get a cameo! 

I could write so much more on this, but I have many more things to do.  Ask me about it sometime, and maybe I can explain how we do a lot of the things behind the scenes.  It’s very interesting and I enjoyed it very much, but let me tell you, it’s very tiring.  I guess that’s just a taste, I mean in the big leagues they film sometimes 20 hours a day.  This is a tough semester, but I’m learning and I just need to realize that.


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I’m just searching for the resolution…

I’ve been busy lately, just a little bit of everything I suppose.  I’ll start with school.  I’m hanging in there, I just have a few weeks left of the semester.  I went to talk to my history professor today about a grade I got on a writing assignment.  I got a 13 out of 20 so I just wanted to know what I did wrong.  Well his TA graded it and he gave me a few pointers and boosted my grade up to a 15 out of 20, I’ll take it.  He told me To come see him before the final, but he said I was in good shape to pull a B.  Chinese professor is back in Geology, I’m just trying to hold on in there…big curve on that test, I went from a 70 to a 78, I was quite excited! 

Last week I went and saw Twilight with the girls at the 12:02 showing.  I was maybe 1 of 15 guys in the theater.  It’s the first book in a popular Gothic vampire love story.  I actually enjoyed.  We had preordered our tickets, got to the theater at 10 and they were letting people in, the theater was over half full at 11, it was crazy but fun.

I went to Ft. Wayne this weekend to see Jordan, Andrea, and Tobi.  We had a lot of fun just hanging out and playing games and such.  It’s always good to see them!  On Sunday/Monday Cassie and I hit up Walmart at  midnight.  CD’s came out early this week because of Thanksgiving.  The store had no clue, but we pointed out their site said they came out.  They went in the back and found our CD’s.  I got the new Coldplay EP Prospekts March.  It has 6 tracks that didn’t make it on Viva La Vida and then 2 remixes, it’s awesome.  I also got the new Killers album, Day and Age.  I was stoked!  Cassie also got The Killers album and Paramore’s Final Riot DVD/CD.  I’m becoming a fan of Paramore too.  All my friends love them and my friends Jon, Ed, and Bryana, were at that show in Chicago that they recorded for the DVD…so that’s awesome.

Well I’m going home tomorrow night after the last BSU home game.  Jordan and some of his friends are coming down to hit up Skyline and then go to the game.  It should be fun!  Well I think that catches me up.  I’ve inserted 2 videos into the blog.  The first is the new video from Coldplay’s Viva La Vida album “Lovers in Japan.”  The second is a song called “The Resolution” by Jack’s Mannequin, it’s kind of a moving song and I really enjoy it.  Check the videos out if you have the time.

P.S. My music video for Coldplay made their site, I think they decided to put everyone’s video up, but it’s exciting.  Here’s the site if you want to see mine again or other competitors.

Coldplay “Lovers in Japan”

Jack’s Mannequin “The Resolution”


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It’s time to make videos…

So this is my second post this week, I promise to keep this one short.  I shot my music video today for the Coldplay “Lost?” competition.  It was pretty sweet and fun!  The BSU library allows you to check out video cameras and I got a very nice one.  It was like a $2,000 camera, I took very good care of it.  It was so much fun to use.  I got about 16 minutes of footage and I will condense that down to a 3 minute and 40 second video.  The reason I got so much footage is because it will be a split screen video, which tells two stories.  You’ll see when I put it up.  I still have to edit it, I hope to edit next week one day.  It will take me many hours, but I’m sure I will be happy with it.  A friend of mine from the TCOM department helped me stylize the shots.  Then my friend Ben from high school and a girl named Jenny stared in it.  I chose Ben because I’ve worked with him before and he chose Jenny because he knows her from theater classes.  They are both theater majors, so I got good actors and actresses.  So stay tune, The video may be up next week.

I do have a video to post.  I helped my friend Paul, from TCOM, shoot a film trailer for Cardinal FIlm Works.  I’m in it, you should check it out.  The film is called The Red Masquerade, check out the trailer below!


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There’s always something new

Well I’m in week 2 of school and it seems to have kicked up a notch when it comes to getting a little more difficult.  I guess I saw that coming though, it happens every semester.  I am finding the reading load getting heavier and a little more intense, but as I said that goes in to the whole scheme of college.  I wrote my first analysis paper last week over a short video, and I did not do as well as I thought I would.  It was a one page essay and as I read his notes he complimented me on my writing, my language in the paper, and my format.  I guess I missed some commas and he wanted some words changed and all this dropped me down to a D.  Well I have corrected it and I now can get the full points.  For now, I might go to the writing center and have them check over my paper because atleast 4 students have had his TCOM class. 

Anyways, I’m trying to get a lot of my writing stuff done before this weekend rolls around.  This is the weekend I’m going to Cinci with my dad to go watch the Cubs play the Reds on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m very excited to see the Cubbies, but they have dropped 4 straight games and I think they better get back on the ball quick! 

So I don’t think it has rained in Muncie since I have lived here.  I think tonight it may rain, considering it was sprinkling earlier.  I’m glad because it has been extremely hot and I’m hoping it cools the weather down.  The only downfall to rain is I hope it stays away from Cinci this weekend.

Also another big thing I’ll be working on for awhile is a potential feature length screenplay.  My script writing class is helping a lot with that process.  So I am rewriting one of the films the guys and I did a few years ago entitled The Leap of Faith.  I will be doing a whole rewrite and changing a lot of the stuff but everyone involved in the original said that was fine with them.  I’m pretty excited about it.  Once I get it finished, probably when I finish college, I will have to shoot it in a short version on a very low budget.  Then I would have people with money watch it and see if they will give me money to shoot the feature length film.  Then from there I would take it to various film festivals.  It’s a big process, so it’s a goal for the future!


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I’m Not There

I\'m Not ThereI’m Not There is a 2007 biographical film directed by Todd Haynes and inspired by the life of iconic singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.  I actually saw this film when it was released, I had to travel it Indianapolis to see it because of the limited release.  I have become a huge Bob Dylan fan within the last 3 or 4 years now.  The film tells its story using non-traditional techniques, similar to the poetic narrative style of Dylan’s songwriting

The film takes it’s name from Dylan’s outtake I’m Not There, a song not officially released until the film’s official soundtrack.  Todd Haynes directed the film and also co-wrote with Oren Moverman.  The film is rated R for language, some sexuality and drug use, and nudity.

6 different actors play personas of Dylan, each carrying a different name.  The personas mark a different point in Dylan’s life, either right from himself, his songs, or his poetry.

Christian Bale as Jack Rollins and Pastor John, two versions of Dylan
Cate Blanchett as Jude Quinn, a version of Dylan
Marcus Carl Franklin as “Wood Guthrie,” a version of the young Dylan
Richard Gere as “Billy the Kid,” a version of Dylan
Heath Ledger as Robbie Clark, an actor playing Jack Rollins whole life has similarities with Dylan’s 
Ben Whishaw as “Arthur Rimbaud,” a version of Dylan

The film also was accompanied by so many co-actors and actresses that contributed amazing performances along with the six main characters.

The film received postive reviews and made many Top Ten List of 2007.  Cate Blanchett’s performance was praised by many critics.   She received a Golden Globe Award, and was nominated for a Screen Actor’s Award and and Academy Award.  The film has been released on as a 2-Disc DVD with several extras.  One segment is a small tribute to actor Heath Ledger who passed away in early 2008.

The music in the film consisted of Dylan’s songs with him singing and several covers that made the 2 disc soundtrack.  The soundtrack is as extraordinary as the film itself, even with the offcial release of Dylan’s I’m Not There outtake.  I feel this film is a must for any Bob Dylan fan.  I suggest if you do not know much about Dylan and his many lives that you brush up on his background and listen to his wonderful songs and read some of his poetic works. 




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