“Who will save us…”

So another new week has begun, which I am not ready for at all.  I have got a few things done.  I have turned in my schedule request for next semester, my finally semester!  I am ready to be done.  I still have a lot to look at though for this semester.  I need to get cracking on my Law Analysis paper, because I believe it is due on November 12th.  I’ve been reading a lot of court documents, but they are very lengthy and can use some funny language.  I have a presentation next Wednesday in Spanish as well.  My partner and I got together this last weekend to work on it, and I’m having someone help me write out my note cards tomorrow, so I can practice and memorize all the Spanish I have to say.  15 minute presentation just really sucks…especially when it is all in Spanish.  I have also been working on my website for Web development and my DVD for DVD design.

I got a little break this last weekend.  We had a Halloween party on Saturday.  I went as Clark from Smallville when he is the “Blur.”  Kayla went as an Angel in the outfield.  Jon, Bryana, Derrek, and Brandi came up for it.  It turned out to be a good party and I think that everyone had fun.  This next weekend should be fun, I have been looking forward to it.  Kayla and I are headed to Kokomo.   Jordan and Andrea are coming home as well.  On Saturday we’re all headed to the lake for Thanksgiving/Christmas with grandma and grandpa before they leave for Florida.

I think that’s about it for now.  I just need a quick break from reading Media Law because I was getting very sleepy!


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