Still Job Searching

Hey everyone, it has been quite a long time since I have written.  I was busy finishing up school, and I finally graduated this summer from Ball State.  It was nice not to be taking any classes this fall, but the job market also sucks.  For about six weeks or so I worked at the high school helping take care of the grounds work (mowing, picking up trash, and lining and painting sports fields). 

Now, I’ve been on the job hunt.  I’ve been primarily looking for jobs in Muncie (since Kayla is in her last year of school) and in the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids area because that is where Kayla and I plan to move once she is done.  The good thing is if I find a job in Michigan, I can stay with Kayla’s family for a while, which is super helpful.  I unfortunately have not been able to find any jobs right now though.  So I’m still trying to get my resume out there.  I never thought I would want a job so bad.

One quick note before I sign off here, I have created another blog, which is linked to my blog roll.  I plan on discussing movies…new and old!  So make sure to check that out. 
Here’s the link:


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