“Pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try…”

Another semester has started, and I have made it through the first semester.  School still isn’t really much fun, classes are always filled with a bunch of stuff that I really don’t want to do, and I absolutely hate trying to balance everything out and make time for everything…but that’s what school is all about I guess…management…hence the meaning of life!

I’ve got myself a full schedule of 18 credit hours.  I have Video Production 3, Intercultural Communications, Screenwriting, Social Responsibilities, Spanish 202, and Independent Film Making Management.  Some classes I like more than others, but I know a lot of them will need a lot of effort put into each one of them.  I guess I’m taking those final steps into the work force.

Kayla and I are still going strong.  We’re basically just trying to make sure we both survive the semester.  I honestly couldn’t ask for anyone else.  She’s pretty patient with me and is always there.  What can I say, she’s that amazing!



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